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How to be a rap fan

Rap fans are no strangers to seeing some pretty unique music on the radio.

But the genre is often more focused on the rap side of things than the rap lyrics, and sometimes that’s not a good thing.

For one, there are a lot of artists that are not necessarily on the same level of quality as some of the most celebrated artists.

But that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth checking out.

Here are the best rap songs of all time.


Lil Wayne, “Wanna Be Like” (1989) Wayne’s music is more about being in love and feeling in control of your own life, rather than the life you want.

This song, and the fact that Wayne’s career has been so successful has made it difficult for fans to find out what he’s been up to.

But Wayne’s lyrics are always pretty damn funny, and it’s the perfect example of how you can be a good rap fan without being too uptight about it. 2.

Jay-Z, “Tha Carter V” (1999) Jay-Jax’s rap style is pretty unique.

Jay has a lot more of a dark sense of humor than the rest of his generation, but it doesn’t necessarily translate well to the world at large.

In this rap classic, he talks about getting shot and then getting a job, but also about being on a cruise ship and being able to get some money and having a life.

He also gets to have sex, which makes for a pretty funny track.


Lil’ Kim, “Fancy” (1997) In one of the great rap songs, Lil’ Kanye raps about getting robbed by robbers.

It’s a funny song, but Kim is actually a lot funnier than her song title suggests.

In addition to being hilarious, it’s also a very personal song about her family, how she was raised and her childhood in Chicago.

The lyrics are so honest, and Kim is definitely the funniest rapper on the list.


Dr. Dre, “The Chronic” (1996) This classic is also a great example of what the rapper can do with his rapping style, as it’s not exactly an easy-listening record.

The story of a hip-hop scientist trying to get back into the game, the song also makes you realize that it’s really not about the music at all, but the people that work there.

It also gives you a great perspective on how the industry is actually working, as Dre’s lyrics talk about the constant negative stereotypes that surround the music industry.


Drake, “Panda” (2014) Drake’s music has always been pretty unique, but in 2015 he took a different approach to rap.

He’s one of my favorite rappers of all-time, but he’s also one of a kind.

The music he’s put out on this album has become something that really stands out, and while he’s still making it very personal, he’s not afraid to put his lyrics into the world of music.

It gives me hope for the future, and I really appreciate that he’s making people enjoy the music as much as he does.


Lil Yachty, “I’m a Rapstar” (2008) It’s hard to find great rap music without being a hip hop fan.

Lil Zay has always had a lot to say about life and relationships, and this album is his attempt to tell the story of what he wants from life.

The album is filled with great songs, and he’s always done a great job with the lyrics, but I always felt like there was a lack of emotional depth in his lyrics.

I think that’s one reason why he’s one my favorite rap artists, because he does have a real emotional side to him.


Eminem, “Detroit” (2009) I always think that Eminem is the best rapper on rap.

His music has been pretty consistent over the years, and his songs are always interesting.

This album is one of his best, and you can tell that he really took a lot from his childhood and how he grew up in Detroit.

It was always a tough time in Detroit, and with his music it was always about being a man.

He has a beautiful voice, and some of his lyrics have always been extremely touching.


Eminem and the Furious Five, “No Love (No Problems)” (2002) Eminem and Biggie have always had great chemistry, and in the years since they released No Love (Not A Bad Thing), the two have been a very close band.

The song is a very powerful one that tells the story about how they met, and how the rivalry between the two made them both lose their jobs.


Eminem with the Furious Four, “One Day” (2010) Eminem is probably the greatest rap songwriter in history.

He writes songs that can make you laugh and cry, and there’s a reason why his music has become so popular over the last few years.

There are a ton of great rap albums

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