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Music Notes*music Blog How the NHL’s music tattoos can help players learn to play the game

How the NHL’s music tattoos can help players learn to play the game

The Chicago Blackhawks’ music tattoos are the latest to catch the eye of the NHL and are becoming more and more popular in recent years.

Now, the league has unveiled its own version, featuring a band from a city with its own local music scene.

The team unveiled the new version at its media day, featuring the band of Chicago’s own local scene.

“This is the Blackhawks from the local scene,” Chicago’s Patrick Sharp said, as the band’s leader, Aaron Kipnis, stood beside him.

“It’s a local band.

They’re from the area.

It’s their song.

I think it’s a pretty cool way to celebrate Chicago.

I’ve been a Chicago kid my whole life.

I like it when the Blackhawks are here.”

The Blackhawks, along with the Philadelphia Flyers, Philadelphia, Toronto and the Washington Capitals, are the only teams in the NHL with their own local local music.

The NHL has partnered with local musicians in recent seasons, including when it partnered with the Chicago-based band Chicago’s Own in 2015.

The Blackhawks are the first NHL team to do so.

“We’re so grateful to the Blackhawks and to the local musicians for the way they have embraced this opportunity,” NHL vice president and director of player development Scott Blackmun said.

“I think it shows that the NHL really respects the local music community and their ability to bring their talents to the rink.”

Blackmun also said the Blackhawks’ logo was a great touch.

“The NHL’s brand is a part of our identity and it’s something that we’ve been proud to share with the fans of the Blackhawks,” he said.

Chicago’s Off-Season Challenge “It has been a big challenge to make this happen,” Blackmun added.

“With the Blackhawks, they’re very supportive of our local music scenes and they have always supported us in our local scene, so it’s been a fun experience.

We’re excited to continue to have them support us with this unique collaboration.”

The players will wear the tattoos while playing the game.

The first player to wear the “C” logo will wear a white jersey, which is currently the uniform for the Chicago Blackhawks.

“There’s no better way to get your feet wet than on the ice,” Sharp said.

The Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago’s off-season challenge, will be played on March 2.

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