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Music Notes*music Style When is the last time you heard of the Federal Reserve?

When is the last time you heard of the Federal Reserve?

Apple, Google and Microsoft have all been criticized by members of Congress for keeping their central bank reserves artificially low and for not holding interest rates low enough.

But in the short term, it may be time to revisit those critiques, according to a new analysis from Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

The Fed may have made mistakes, but it has also made important gains over the last decade, Bloomberg New Fuel, a financial services group, said in a research note published Wednesday.

It said that in the six months ending in March, the central bank held its policy rate near zero for more than three quarters, helping to push the economy out of its long-term recession.

And that success helped the Fed raise interest rates twice in less than two years.

The Federal Reserve’s low-interest rate policy has led to economic growth that exceeds the average annual rate of 3 percent in the United States, Bloomberg reported.

It also has helped the U.S. economy achieve the kind of “recovery” that the Fed has sought, according the Bloomberg report.

The report said that for the past decade, the Fed’s policy rate has been near zero, meaning the central banks monetary base is shrinking.

And over the past six months, the Federal Open Market Committee’s (FOMC) policy rate on long-dated Treasury bills has been at near zero since March.

That means the central bankers balance sheet has grown by roughly $1 trillion since March of last year.

Bloomberg also reported that the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC) will be increasing its $250 billion lending program to help the economy recover from the financial crisis, a program that has helped keep the Fed at the center of the U and global economy.

That program, which is funded by both U.s. and international banks, will expand to include more than $150 billion from the U S. government this year.

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