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How to win over the world with music that has been written by others

When you hear a song on YouTube or Spotify, chances are you have heard it before, even if you never knew who wrote it or who the composer was.

That’s because many artists, particularly pop artists, have their songs covered by the likes of Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, and more.

But are you really going to go out of your way to find out who wrote the song you’re hearing?

Or is it better to let someone else’s music do the talking?

That’s the idea behind the new online music contest, which is run by Mavis Staples and features songs from artists like Rihanna and Miley.

“We’re hoping that by putting music out there, people can take a deeper look into it and see it for what it really is,” Staples said.

“That’s a big part of our goal.

We’re really hoping people will be able to listen to it and learn something about themselves.”

Staples and her team of musicians have compiled a list of about 300 tracks that can be found in various genres and styles.

“A lot of music is just not good enough, so we thought it would be good to make sure that people had a platform for people to get really good at making great music,” she said.

To start, the artists must submit one track per week for a month and have the song be on the site for at least three weeks.

Artists who win will receive a prize of $1,000.

Artists with songs that get a few views and a handful of votes each week can win up to $50,000 in prizes.

Artists can submit a maximum of five tracks per week.

Staples says the contest is not intended to replace the old website for songwriting, but rather to allow musicians to write music that gets noticed.

“I think it’s a good way for people not to just listen to what’s out there.

It’s a lot of people who are writing and have no idea who else is writing,” Staples told Billboard.

“There’s a great community out there and people want to see a lot more of that.”

To enter, you have to write a song for at most three weeks in any genre and have at least one track with a fan base that counts.

Artists will be judged on the number of views and votes each track has received.

Staples said the process will be similar to that used for songwriters who are already working on their music, and it won’t be about getting a new song.

“When people see our music, it’s the most perfect piece of music they’ve ever heard,” Staples added.

Staples is looking for songs to submit for this competition.

Artists should submit their tracks at least 30 days before they enter the contest, but Staples is encouraging them to send them early so they can see the results.

Staples and the music team will select 10 songs each week and award prizes based on their views and comments.

Staples also said she’s looking for a variety of genres to submit songs for the contest.

“If we’re really focusing on genres that people like and don’t necessarily necessarily fit into the traditional genres, we’d love to have a little bit of a pop crossover,” Staples explained.

“The people who like that kind of thing will get the most bang for their buck.”

Artists can upload their tracks to the site or they can download them for free from the Mavis and the Kids channel on YouTube.

Staples recommends downloading your favorite song from the channel and uploading it to the website.

“As long as you have a link on the website and you put a link to your website, we’re OK with that,” Staples noted.

Staples will then review the submission, including whether or not it’s good enough for the competition, and the team will pick the winner.

Staples expects the music contest to take about a month.

“It’ll be a little while until we get around to the actual song,” Staples stated.

Staples noted that she’s hoping to have the contest up and running by the end of this year.

“Hopefully we’ll be in the midst of that as soon as we get a little more organized,” she added.

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