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Music Notes*music Style What the hip hop community is saying about YouTube video clips

What the hip hop community is saying about YouTube video clips

Hip hop music video clips have been a popular source of YouTube content for years, but there’s a new trend: Using a video clip as a source of content for music videos.

In an interview with Vice News, music video producer Chris Wilson says he’s seen the trend evolve as YouTube has evolved.

“It’s just really good for people to make money off of a video, and the videos that people put out have a very specific kind of aesthetic and they want to make a point,” Wilson said.

“You see it on the front page of YouTube and it’s like, ‘I have to post this music video.'”

Wilson said the trend has even spread to music videos on the streaming platform.

“The thing that makes it so appealing for people is it’s not a very expensive piece of content, and there’s also a kind of immediacy, and they’re like, I want to get into the music and make this video.”

The popularity of music videos has exploded in the last year, with more than 1.3 billion views of videos on YouTube, according to Billboard.

In a statement to Vice News on Wednesday, YouTube said it is working with artists to develop music videos and that it plans to add more content to the site in the future.

The new trend comes at a time when YouTube is also trying to create new video formats that are more relevant to music.

In May, YouTube announced plans to stream live and in-depth video content to mobile devices, including in-studio recordings, on-demand videos and music videos for advertisers.

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