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Music funeral home to open in Mumbai

Music funeral homes in Mumbai are poised to open soon.

Music funeral houses in Mumbai will soon be allowed to offer services on a Sunday in the state, said Amit Deshpande, a senior official at the Maharashtra government.

“The government is considering a regulation of a Sunday services at a funeral home,” Deshpade said on Friday.

“It is a first step in a new policy to ensure a better life for the elderly in the city,” he added.

Music funerals in Mumbai, one of the most expensive cities in the country, are a rite of passage for the city’s older citizens, who have to go to the funeral home on Sundays to receive the services of their loved ones.

It is a rite that is now being challenged by the new Maharashtra government, which has announced a proposal to allow music funerals on Sundays.

The state government is looking at ways to allow this on Sundays in Mumbai.

However, the idea has sparked anger among people.

“I have a daughter and she has been dying of cancer.

She can’t have music services on Sundays,” said Prabhat, a retired businessman who owns a funeral business in Thane.

The new government has decided to allow Sunday music funeral services at the funeral homes, which are currently allowed only on Mondays and Tuesdays.

It has also decided to scrap the Sunday funeral at a number of music funeral homes.

Music services will only be offered on Sundays at the private funeral homes where the deceased were already laid to rest.

However there is a long list of private funeral houses that still offer Sunday services.

In 2016, the government banned the service at a private funeral home in Mumbai that had hosted a music funeral in 2015.

The decision to scrap Sunday services in private funeral facilities was taken in 2017.

However in 2017, a state government-appointed committee recommended scrapping Sunday services to the state government.

The proposal was not accepted by the government.

In the last two years, there have been several controversies involving private funeral services.

A music funeral on January 15, 2019, in Chennai led to protests from people protesting against the funeral.

The music service was held at the venue of a private concert and the entire funeral procession was halted by security forces.

“After we finished, some people took pictures and posted them on social media,” said Manoj Kishore, a member of the Maharashtra Police and Enforcement Directorate (MDE).

“The state government had decided to ban the funeral service in the last year.

We have decided to take action to change the law,” he said.

However the Maharashtra Government did not respond to a request for comment.

The opposition BJP, which was in power for the last four years, has demanded that the government abolish Sunday music services.

“We have not been given any official statement.

But we have asked the Maharashtra State Government to remove the Sunday service from the list of public funeral services and to ensure that Sunday music will not be offered in the private sector,” BJP MLA Manoj Kumar told reporters in Chennai.

“If the government does not take the necessary steps, we will take action against them,” Kumar said.

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