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Music Notes*music Blog How the world’s best music videos have evolved into the worst

How the world’s best music videos have evolved into the worst

A look at how the world of popular music has changed over the years and how the best music video for “Happy Birthday” by Justin Bieber has evolved into a classic of the genre.

In 2014, Bieber released a video for his song “Love Yourself,” which was an instant hit on YouTube.

It was also a hit on the Billboard charts.

The video garnered millions of views and was viewed by millions of people around the world.

The song’s title, “Bieber’s Birthday,” was popularized by the music video star in 2017.

The music video that made Bieber famous became a hit of the year and a classic.

“Happy birthday, Bieber” is the title of the song, and it has been played by millions across the globe for more than 100 years.

Since then, it has gone through many iterations, as the video has changed many times.

“Bienvenue” in 2017, for example, became the anthem of Germany’s far-right National Democratic Party (NPD), which is the party of Chancellor Angela Merkel and the German chancellor.

It became a staple of Nazi propaganda during the Third Reich, which began in the late 1930s and lasted until the end of World War II.

“My heart is broken, I’ve lost you, my love, my son” in 2016, which became a popular anthem for anti-immigrant sentiment.

The title of that song is now a popular slogan for anti–Muslim sentiments.

And in 2018, the song was the inspiration for a viral video by American rapper Meek Mill.

In the video, Mill said he “lost my son, he died in Syria.”

He then played “Happy Baby Day,” which has since been the anthem for millions of Americans in 2017 and 2018.

In 2017, Mill was also awarded a Grammy Award for his performance of the “Happy” song, with an estimated 5.5 million views.

This year, “Happy Bday” has gone viral, becoming a trending topic.

On Tuesday, the popular music video had over 30 million views and nearly 10 million comments on YouTube, according to Google Analytics.

The top 10 most-viewed videos were: “The Most Interesting Man in the World” (8 million views)

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