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Why are the United States and UK still lagging behind on their climate change plans

US and UK governments are set to finalise the Paris climate deal in Paris this December.

But, despite the landmark agreement, the world is still far from reaching its full emissions reduction targets.

The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has said that by 2030, the global emissions gap will have closed, but the United Kingdom has yet to make a dent.

The UK and the US have a similar share of emissions in the climate change process, but their emissions are very different.

The United Kingdom, which is home to one of the world’s biggest oil reserves, has been the main proponent of climate action.

This has resulted in a huge amount of money being spent on renewable energy projects, but it has also led to a huge number of new coal-fired power stations.

Meanwhile, the United State is a country with a relatively small economy, and has the world at its back.

It is the biggest emitter of carbon dioxide (CO2) and the second largest carbon polluter after China.

This is because of its energy mix, which includes fossil fuels and natural gas.

Both the United Nations and the International Energy Agency (IEA) have stated that the United states needs to phase out fossil fuel energy by 2050 and shift to renewables.

The country also has a very large amount of carbon emissions, particularly in the form of greenhouse gases (GHGs) such as methane and nitrous oxide.

In the past, the British government was also accused of being too keen on coal-burning power stations, and of ignoring the potential negative impact on global climate.

However, the UK government has now announced a number of ambitious climate change policies and has promised to meet its 2020 emissions target by 2030.

The new UK climate strategy is expected to be released on Thursday.

A lot of progress has been made in reducing the UK’s CO2 emissions, but there are still some major obstacles ahead.

Here’s what you need to know about the UK climate plan.


The plan outlines a plan to reduce emissions by 2030 The UK has set a target of reducing emissions by 20 per cent below 1990 levels by 2030 and 80 per cent by 2050.

This will include a reduction in emissions from coal, cement and cement products, oil and gas, power generation and transportation, cement manufacturing, and cement mining.

However there are some major hurdles.

The first is the cost of carbon, which will continue to rise, with the UK expected to spend around £10 billion ($12.5 billion) on this over the next decade.

There is also the matter of how much emissions reductions will be achieved, with some estimates suggesting the UK could need to spend up to £3,000 per household on a new roof or other insulation.


The government will use the £3 million target to develop and test new technologies The UK plans to invest around £3.5 million to test and develop technologies that will reduce carbon emissions by 50 per cent, and then to deploy them at the start of 2020.

This includes developing and testing technologies that can be installed on existing and new buildings, including the construction of buildings with carbon capture and storage systems, solar energy, wind turbines and water storage.

The plans also include building a prototype of the new high-efficiency rooftop solar thermal system.

The project will involve developing technologies that are “highly competitive with existing systems, can scale rapidly, and will be highly reliable and cost-effective.”


There are currently around 2,500 existing buildings across the UK that can reduce their CO2 pollution The plan also includes a £1.5bn target to fund the installation of new buildings with CO2 reduction technologies, which could include the installation and operation of solar power systems.

This would be especially important in areas where people live close to power stations and where they work.

The aim is to install the technology in 1,000 new homes and businesses, with a target to build 10,000 by 2025.


A large number of people living in the UK will lose out due to the climate plan The UK’s climate plan includes a large number on its target to cut emissions by 40 per cent.

These people will be those who live in the country’s poorest and most vulnerable areas, such as those in rural areas, the most deprived, and the most disadvantaged in society.

The Government is also looking at a target for those who will be affected the most by the climate.

This target is for those living in urban areas and those who are at risk of being affected by flooding or heatwaves.


The goal to phase-out fossil fuels is going to take a long time The plan does not include any detailed target for the time frame that it would take to phase in the use of renewable energy.

This means that the UK has already committed to spending some time before 2030 to implement the carbon reduction plan, which has already cost around £1 billion ($1.2 billion) in

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