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Music Notes*music Style What is the Apple Music? | Apple Music student says its an educational experience

What is the Apple Music? | Apple Music student says its an educational experience

Apple Music, the online streaming service, is designed to help students “find new ways to explore their music and discover new musical experiences,” according to an Apple Music representative.

Students will also be able to create their own music videos, upload their own songs and share it with friends via their personalized Apple Music playlist.

The company has a number of student-designed music videos to help launch its service.

One of the videos features a girl playing the violin with the help of a computer and an iPad.

“You’ll be able learn more about the technology and the music, and what you can do with it,” said one of the YouTube creators.

“We want to build a platform for all the music and arts that we’re seeing around the world,” said Steve Lattner, a music director for the New York Times.

“We want this to be a platform where you can connect with the artist and the story behind the music.”

Apple has been trying to get students to use its streaming service for more than a year.

Last year, the company said it had received more than 2 million requests for its music.

Last week, the student community of Apple Music’s biggest student network, FreshBooks, announced it had raised $7 million from two investors.

Apple’s foray into music education is also aimed at a much larger audience.

Last month, a study by the Harvard Business School found that students ages 16 to 24 were more likely to listen to music online than students in middle and high school.

The study also found that about 60% of students who said they listened to music in the last week had used it on Apple Music.

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