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Music Notes*music Blog ‘It’s the greatest gift you can give’: New Scientist interview with Mick Jagger – November 2014

‘It’s the greatest gift you can give’: New Scientist interview with Mick Jagger – November 2014

The greatest gift a musician can give to a record label is to make it a great record.

But how much more do they need to make a great album?

The world of music and its record label landscape has changed radically in the past decade.

New labels, such as RCA and Warner Bros, are entering the world of digital music and are bringing their digital and analogue production processes to the physical world.

But the way that they are building and releasing new music is still based on the idea of a physical label.

For the most part, these labels are very happy with their digital record, but in some cases, they do feel that they need a physical record to make their records look good and to be sold on the music festival circuit.

And this is where Mick Jaggies new record comes into the picture.

The man himself is the creative force behind the label, Mick Jagged and his label, The Jagged Edge, have created the most successful music label in history and now he is working on a new album of music called Maven.

The band, which includes John Mayer, is releasing this album under the name The Jaggie Dream which is an homage to the old Mick Jags music and the original Jaggi label.

The Jags original name was the Jaggiah Dream.

In the early 70s, Jaggied started making records for a local label called the Jagged, and this is when he came to terms with the fact that there was a big opportunity to release an album of his music and it wasn’t going to happen without the Jags involvement.

So he went into a studio to make the first of two albums, which is called Maken, which was recorded at the Jagies own studio at The Jagys own home.

The first album, Maken was recorded in the studio of Mick J Aggies brother, the late Mick Jaggery.

The album was produced by Jaggying, John Mayer and a handful of other producers.

This is a really, really good album and it was the beginning of a new era for The Jagger Edge.

Mick JAGGIES new album, The Last Maven was released in April 2015.

It was a record that really brought the Jagger Dream to life.

The release of this record was an enormous success, it sold out and the label went on to have a huge run on tour, with the majority of the tours sold out.

This was one of the best selling albums in history, the album sold out on tour and it sold the record company, RCA, a lot of money.

I remember I went to one of their shows in London and I bought a bottle of wine.

The only thing that was missing was the first Maken record and that was Mick Jagging.

That was the biggest moment for me.

The other thing was that this album, as it was released, was an incredible success.

It has sold millions of copies worldwide, it has been certified gold and it is currently sitting at number five on the Billboard 200.

It is also the best-selling record of the 21st century.

The Maken album is very much about the Jager Dream and it’s the beginning, it is the first album of Mick’s music.

The second album, which will be called Momma’s Daughter, is going to be released in 2020.

The third album, the Maven album, is due to be out next year and we’re still going to work on that.

I know that some people have already got this album in their minds and I’m really looking forward to hearing it.

So this is what I am working on and I hope it will be a very successful record.

This album is a very special album, it’s very special and I can’t wait to listen to it.

I have listened to all of Mick and his albums, I think that the last Maven is a little bit darker than Maken.

Mommas Daughter is another great album and I have always had a love for that album, and I think it is also a great continuation of the Jangogie Dream.

Maven comes from Mick Jago and his brother, John, who also produced the Maken albums.

This record is a lot darker, a bit darker and it also features John Mayer on guitar.

This song is called “I Have the Love”.

This song was originally recorded in 1971 by John Mayer at the Abbey Road Studios, London, England.

It’s very important for Mick Jagaers new record because this is the album that John Mayer really put his heart into.

I’ve always loved John Mayer because of the great guitar work he has done in his live performances and I know he really loves The Jager.

I’m very happy to work with him again and I really think that this record will be great.

And I know John Mayer is also very happy about it and he loves it.

It will be interesting

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