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Music Notes*music Style ‘BeetleJuice’ has been banned for children and adults

‘BeetleJuice’ has been banned for children and adults

BEETLEJUICE, Australia — Australian artists including Australian Idol star Beetle Juice and singer-songwriter Lil Wayne have been banned from performing music at schools because of the “lullabies” lyrics.

The ban follows an investigation by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, ABC News reported, citing sources close to the matter.

Lil Wayne was banned from the Adelaide Opera House for two months over his lyrics, while pop singer Beetles frontman Lil Wayne was fined $10,000 ($7,500) and banned from a public park for four weeks for his lyrics about “being a rock star” at a concert in Sydney.

Both acts are facing criticism from parents and other musicians who say the lyrics, which have been dubbed “lillabies,” can be offensive and should not be played in schools.

A spokesman for the Australian Education Union, which represents teachers, said the ban “shocks all of us” who believe that children should be able to hear music and “can’t make up their own minds on whether or not they agree with the lyrics.”

“This is not the first time a music artist has been found guilty of incitement to violence or harassment of another person,” he said in a statement.

“In Australia, our children should not have to worry about offending someone by singing songs that they find offensive, or having their own personal views expressed on their social media platforms.”

“I believe it’s absolutely outrageous and completely wrong that parents can take the law into their own hands and ban their children from performing or attending a public event, while a major national broadcaster has to defend the rights of children to free speech.”

“It is deeply disturbing that schools are being forced to censor music that kids can hear and understand.”

Last year, the ABC reported on a similar investigation into the song “Lullabies,” which is one of Lil Wayne’s most popular songs.

In the ABC report, the singer said he didn’t want to sing the song because “it’s just a song about me and my problems.”

But in a Facebook post, he wrote, “It was just a few days ago that I found out my son has autism, and it is heartbreaking to hear what my little boy is going through.

I hope my son can find peace with the fact that he can’t sing it.

It’s not my fault.”

Lil Weezy is a pop star in Australia.

He is known for singing the song that is now banned in schools and is also banned from wearing a mask in public.

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