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Music Notes*music Blog ‘Sophia’ Producer Says She’s Still ‘Struggling’ with ‘Sensory Issues’

‘Sophia’ Producer Says She’s Still ‘Struggling’ with ‘Sensory Issues’

“I don’t want to give anyone too much away, but I don’t think I’m getting much help,” she said, according to Entertainment Weekly.

“I just feel like I’m doing the best I can, and I’m just trying to keep going.

I feel like people are just focusing on the positives and focusing on their personal life, which is what I want.”

Sophie’s not the only musician who’s had to deal with issues related to her body image and sexuality in recent years.

In 2015, Britney Spears released “I Am,” a single that featured the lyrics, “I’m not who you think I am, I’m more who I’m not.”

In an interview with Billboard at the time, Spears explained that she had been living in a “bizarre lifestyle” for most of her life.

She described the song as a “wake-up call” to her family and friends about how they’d been conditioned to believe she was a “feminine” figure and that she needed to be “stronger” for them.

The song has since gone on to become a best-selling record and has been a critical and commercial success.

But the controversy has made it difficult for Sophie to get on stage at events like the Billboard Music Awards, which takes place in January.

The awards show takes place on January 23, and Sophie is slated to perform during the event.

“I have a lot of problems with my body, so when I feel I’m in my comfort zone, I feel really weak, I don and it’s very hard for me to perform,” Sophie said.

“So when I think about the music industry and how it affects people, I think, ‘Man, I have to be a little more sensitive and a little bit more sensitive.’

It’s not about me.”

Sylvia said she also has a lot to learn about her sexuality from the men she meets onstage, and she’s learning how to express herself and find happiness without feeling like she has to hide from the world around her.

“Sometimes I have a hard time being myself in a world that’s so very accepting,” she told Billboard.

“That’s why I do feel so much of a loss that I’m trying to hide it.

And that’s why there’s so much more to learn.”

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