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Music Notes*music Blog Apple’s new music subscription service ‘great news for people who love classical’

Apple’s new music subscription service ‘great news for people who love classical’

Apple has announced its new subscription service for classical music, with all of its music and videos available to download from the iTunes store.

The company said the new Apple Music subscription service will offer access to more than 300 million songs and more than 30 million videos.

“The new music service will be available on all major platforms including Apple TV, Apple TV Mini, iPhone and iPad, Apple Watch and iPod touch,” Apple said in a blog post.

“For the first time ever, Apple Music is now available to people who have never subscribed to a subscription service before.”

The company also said that its subscription service was free to subscribers and that customers could access the service without any additional subscription.

“You don’t need a subscription to enjoy our music and get the latest news, exclusive content and exclusive events on your iPhone and iPod,” Apple Music said.

“Apple Music will provide a place for you to connect with friends, family and favorite artists.”

The music service comes on the heels of Apple’s decision to launch a new streaming service, iHeartRadio.

Apple has said it has signed up more than 100 million customers, and the company is aiming to double its subscriber base by 2021.

The Apple Music service will come with support for Apple Pay, meaning Apple Pay customers can use Apple Music’s mobile payment service to pay for the service.

The service is also available to those with Apple Pay on their phone or in-app.

“We’re thrilled to launch Apple Music and have the most powerful music subscription in the world, giving you the ability to stream the latest music to your Apple Watch, iPhone or iPad and to share it with the world,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said in the company’s announcement.

“We’ll also be working to make our streaming service more accessible and useful for all of our users.”

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