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Music Notes*music Blog A look at how the ‘sad’ and ‘soul’ of jazz has changed over the years

A look at how the ‘sad’ and ‘soul’ of jazz has changed over the years


(AP) The son of jazz legend B.B. King has a new favorite tune, and it’s not the one he’s singing.

A son of the legendary jazz musician, Charles King, has a brand-new favorite tune: the song “Sugar Daddy.”

The song is based on a popular movie about a man who becomes a sugar daddy to a little boy, but instead of being a boy who loves sugar, he becomes a man addicted to it.

Charles King’s new favorite sonata is called “Sugarpill.”

He is the youngest son of his father, Charles D. King, who died at the age of 95.

He is also the youngest man in the world to have his own solo recording, and he’s the oldest son to be recorded by a soloist.

Charles D. and his son Charles King were instrumental in establishing the National Jazz Music Hall of Fame in Memphis in 1935.

Charles King is also a member of the Tennessee Orchestra.

Charles and Charles D.’s son Charles, now 73, is the grandson of the late jazz artist Sonny Rollins.

He recently had his solo album released by the Nashville Symphony.

Charles D., who is a former director of music at the University of Tennessee, is also known for his sonar work, and is the son of two members of the Nashville Opera.

Charles said he was inspired to make a new sonata in his late 20s after hearing a recording of the music by Robert Glasper.

Charles told The Associated Press that he was working on a sonata when he came across a recording by Glasper in the late 1980s.

Glasper recorded the music during the 1950s.

Charles remembered that it was one of the first recordings he heard of the song, and that he immediately knew he had to get it done.

Charles said he decided to try his hand at the recording because he wanted to show that the music can be very emotional.

Charles made the recording in 1983 at his father’s request.

Charles and Charles’s wife, Helen, have four children.

Charles called the new sonora “an important piece of music” and said it is very beautiful.

Charles was not immediately available for an interview.

He told The AP he wanted a song that had an old soul to it, and one that has the kind of soul that is the core of the composition.

Charles has also had several other recordings of the tune, which he has recorded for friends, including pianist Eric Steinbach, composer Peter Fonda and pianist Steve Reich.

Charles made the record for the first time at the National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C., in November with his father and fellow musician, singer-songwriter Billie Holiday.

Charles has a strong connection to Memphis, a city where he lived with his mother and four siblings from his mother’s hometown of Memphis until he was 8.

Charles grew up with his parents in Memphis.

He said the music was not meant to be played by just anyone.

Charles, who is of Cherokee descent, has had many musicians who have taught him how to play.

Charles says he is still learning how to improvise, and plans to play more songs over the coming years.

Charles did not immediately respond to an email seeking comment.

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