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Music Notes*music Style Musical theatre and the world of music: Musical theater’s history and future

Musical theatre and the world of music: Musical theater’s history and future


— The Hamptons has always had a long and storied musical history, from the earliest days of theater to the present.

It’s the place where The Sound of Music, The Nutcracker and the Wizard of Oz are all filmed, and where Broadway is a staple.

The Hamster, a musical based on the popular children’s book of the same name, has had more than 20 Broadway musicals and several Broadway revivals.

There are hundreds of musicals, each one with a story.

They have come and gone.

Now, for the first time, we are going to tell a story about the music that has shaped Hampton for more than a century.

And what a story it is.

As the city’s premier musical theatre, Hamptont is a place where a few generations of young people have lived and breathed.

From the time of Charles Dickens and George Eliot, the town was a magnet for writers, actors and musicians.

It was also the birthplace of the world famous Hamlet, the iconic character whose death in 1792 led to a revolution that changed the face of the country and a country that never quite recovered.

The musicals that shaped Hampton are the same that are at the heart of our stories.

We’re going to take a look at a few of the most iconic musicals of all time, with their songs and their themes.

They include The Nut Cracker, The Lion King, The Mermaid, The Seven Dwarfs and many more.

We will also talk about the origins of the Hamptondens, the musical history of the musicals themselves and what made the Hampton so successful in the first place.

As a place that changed so much for so long, we need to make sure we do this right, said Jim Mathers, chairman of the Historic Hamptonds Committee, who will tell our story.

In 1856, the Hamtons began as a town of three hundred and forty-two residents in the northern part of the county.

The town was built on a bluff overlooking the Chesapeake Bay, just as it is today.

The original settlement was built by the late Henry Williams, a railroad engineer who had come to the hamlet in 1815.

His son, George Williams, and his brother, William, were brothers and neighbors who settled in nearby Greenbrier.

By 1842, they owned the land around the bluff.

George and William Williams were both artists and they decided to take their music to the people of Hamptoun.

The Williams brothers opened a music shop in their family’s home.

George was an opera singer, a member of the famous Williams Quartet.

He performed as a member and soloist at various New York theatres.

In 1840, the Williams family bought a tract of land in Greenbriers, about half a mile from the bluff, and started a farm of more than five acres, called The Williams Farms.

They moved into their new home in 1842 and built the first musical theatre in Hamptountown.

The building, with the sound stage and orchestra, was built in 1843.

In March 1846, the house was renamed the Williams Music Theatre.

The production of The Nut Tramp’s Paradise began that year, and the Williams Family moved into the house and began performing.

The family continued to grow the business.

In May 1847, the family sold the house to James H. Williams, who was a member on the Board of Health and was known for his philanthropic spirit.

The sale came with a stipulation that the Williams would pay a monthly fee of $100 to the town of Hampton.

It meant the Williams had to pay for the musicians.

James Williams and his wife, Mary, lived in the house at the time.

The couple had four children: Joseph, Josephine, Joseph and Louis.

Mary Williams had two daughters, Mary Ann and Mary Ann.

She died in 1859, leaving her husband as the sole surviving heir.

Mary Ann Williams died in 1895, leaving James as the only surviving heir of the family business.

Louis Williams, the only child, started the company in 1848.

He built it on a small plot of land that was a short distance from the Williams Farm.

Louis was an amateur musician and also a talented artist.

He painted, played the piano and made a series of drawings for his family.

He was a self-taught painter and designer who worked on furniture and other objects.

Louis wrote about his love for music and for the land.

He loved it so much that in 1852, he purchased the house on the corner of Hamtondocks Road and Newcomb Road in Hamtountown, and moved into it.

Louis made his home on the property, and by 1855, the building had been completed and was complete with stage, sound stage, orchestra and orchestra chairs.

He had begun working on the new musical, and it was completed in 1857.

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