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Music Notes*music Most Popular Music festival for high school students begins in Portugal

Music festival for high school students begins in Portugal

A music festival for the high school musical theatre has been announced in Portugal.

The High School Musical Society of Portugal (FSP) has been working on a programme of music and art exhibitions to be held at its annual festival in Portugal from April 12-14.

The FSP has partnered with local artists and venues in the capital, Lisbon, to host the event.

The festival will be held on the beach in Porto, a popular tourist destination and also a venue for local events.FSP’s programme of concerts will include music from the likes of Beethoven, Beethov, and Beethuys Theatrical Orchestra, with the theme “Cristo de las Antropologes” featuring the band Salsa.

It is the first festival to be hosted in Portugal by a Spanish company, with Spanish producers Beethove and Tocantins joining the programme of artists.

“We are very happy to be collaborating with such a big Spanish company and are looking forward to working with the musicians and producers of the show,” said FSP director Ana Dias.

“This is a new era for the arts in Portugal.”

She added that the festival would offer a new avenue for the local community and will be a great opportunity for young people to meet and work together with other artists from the country.

“The festival is a way of giving back to the people and giving new perspectives to the culture of Portugal,” she said.

The theme of the festival is “Cronos” (croning), a reference to the fact that in Portugal, there are no formal government jobs.

“In Spain, you are not only working in a factory but also in a community centre, where you learn to be a worker,” said Dias, adding that the artists participating in the show are trying to give the public more perspectives.

The show, entitled Cristo de los Antropógros, will be accompanied by performances from local artists.

There will also be a free exhibition on the island of Madeira, featuring works by local artists, including the group López de Peces.

The artists also plan to present the performance of the play La Mancha, an adaptation of an opera by Spanish composer and opera singer José Miguel.

Festival director Ana Márcio Dias said: “The show is not only about the music, but also the social impact and also the impact on the children and the people in the community.”

It is a very important time for the country and the arts.

We are looking for the youth to be involved in creating the festival.

We want to encourage them to have fun and make music.

“The festival has received funding from the government of Portugal, the Royal Foundation for Arts and Culture, the Portuguese Foundation for Education and Research, and the FSP.

The programme is set to be launched by President of the Portuguese Parliament José Sáez da Silva.

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